Microsoft Contract Negotiation

In the commercial and contract optimization phase, we will support you in finding the best possible commercial outcome. With over 50 years of collective experience, our experts have successfully optimized more than 500 Microsoft contracts, delivering substantial value to organizations like yours. What sets us apart is our independence, insider perspective, having worked directly for Microsoft and their Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs).

Contract & Commercial Analysis

We will present which contract gives you the best outcome, identify where contractual concessions are required to enhance your licensing position, and improve the commercial value of the contract. A workshop will be hosted by our contracting specialist that will provide deep insight into the concessions that are available from Microsoft as standard and non-standard. We will then rank these based on the value that you will potentially gain from these concessions.

Contractual- and Commercial benchmarking

To improve the commercial offering, we share our knowledge gained from 50 years of experience and over 500 negotiated contracts. This gives you insights into the potential possibilities and ensures that you know what ca good deal is, allowing you to achieve the best optimal outcome.

Negotiation Strategy

As a final step we support you in crafting a successful negotiation strategy. Preparation and knowledge are key! With all the previous steps we have the right data and insight to start developing the strategy for the negotiation. In addition, we will set clear objectives. This ensures us that we lead the negotiation and not Microsoft.

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