Microsoft365 E5 Series: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft365 E5 Series: How to license Microsoft Teams?

Welcome to another episode of it’s not all in Microsoft 365 E5. In today’s blog and video, we explain the Microsoft Teams licensing options.

Microsoft Teams the newer better version of Skype or a copy and paste of Slack? You could find a lot of discussions on the internet comparing with Slack. But I think most of us agree that it’s Microsoft did a really good job, and Teams is probably one of the most used applications today. That’s the exact reason that the European Commission opened last year a formal investigation to assess whether Microsoft may have breached the EU competition rules by bundling its communication and collaboration product Teams to it suites. 

That investigation has led to a change in the licensing models for the region European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Microsoft introduced a new SKU that do not include Teams and introduced a new standalone Teams offering. 

This change will not affect existing customers and customers are still able to renew their current suits including Teams. New subscribers will need to adopt the new licensing SKUs. To get transparency on when Microsoft Teams is and isn’t included Microsoft included “EEA” to the description of his suits (e.g. Microsoft 365 F3 EEA). 

This will also bring a price increase for the EEA market, since the combination is more expensive than the existing bundle offer, especially for FromSA customers. 

With this change Microsoft has now 9 different Teams offerings. 

  • Teams EEA
  • Teams Premium
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Teams Phone Standard
  • Teams Calling Plans
  • Communication Credits
  • Teams Shared Device
  • Teams Rooms Basic
  • Teams Rooms Pro