Microsoft365 E5 Series: Microsoft Intune

Microsoft365 E5 Series: How to license Microsoft Intune?

So, you’ve licensed Microsoft 365 E5, and you’re probably thinking, “I’ve got it all!” Well, hold on a moment…., no, sorry! Welcome to the “it’s not all in the E5” series. 

More and more products nowadays are licensed outside the “full” Microsoft 365 E5 suite. For example, Microsoft Intune, Entra ID Governance, Phone Calling Plans, Teams Premium, PowerPlatform, Power Automate, Project, Visio, and others. 

In this blog we talk about how to license Microsoft Intune.

First of all, Microsoft has launched three new features:

  1. Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management, 
  2. Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics,
  3. Microsoft Cloud PKI. 

On top of these Microsoft also announced some more improvements and features which are coming later this year. 

Microsoft Intune Licensing:

These new features are licensed outside the Microsoft EMS, F, and E bundles and are included in a new plan, called Intune Suite. Where Intune Plan 1 has a per user and device license option, Intune Plan 2 and Intune Suite are only available per user. 

This gives a total of three Microsoft Intune bundle offerings, Intune Plan 1, Intune Plan 2 and Intune Suite. Both Plan 2 and Intune Suite are an add-on to Plan 1. The Intune suite capabilities are also available as stand-alone offerings.