Microsoft Copilot: February 2024

Microsoft copilot is your assistant, latterly your copilot in your daily work.  This will change how we are interacting with Technology. In this blog, we’ll explore what Microsoft various offering are, how the licensing works and how you could commercially benefit, now Microsoft is available for every individual. 

What are the different offerings?

Since Microsoft released Microsoft Copilot, there have already been significant changes in the various offerings and capabilities. One of the most notable changes is that it is now available to everyone, and you no longer need to purchase a minimum of 300 licenses. Additionally, the different offerings have undergone substantial modifications. Currently, Microsoft offers eleven distinct Copilot offerings. Let’s delve into the differences between each of them:

Bing Chat, now Copilot 

The free version of Copilot is right at your doorstep in the browser. You can use this version of Copilot in your browser by visiting or directly on your PC if you’re a Windows user.

This is probably the most well-known version, where you can use the chat to ask specific questions, find information faster on the web, perform grammar checks, summarize your text, write a blog post, create images, and much more.

Bing Chat Enterprise when introduced now Copilot Pro

Microsoft also offers a paid version of Copilot. With this premium offering, you gain priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo during peak times, which translates to faster responses. This is not a superfluous luxury, since the outcome of the free version of Copilot can take a while…

The Pro version also grants you access to use Copilot within various Microsoft 365 Apps. It’s worth noting that the Copilot Pro version caters to individuals, and a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription is required for access. For Business and Enterprise users, Microsoft provides the Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 offering.

Copilot Pro is available for a monthly subscription of $20.00 per user.

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

This is your personal assistant, your Copilot for your Microsoft Applications. It’s something I’m personally really excited about. Copilot leverages large language models and connects your data through the Microsoft Graph.

An example of the features are: 

Copilot in Word: Create, summarize, comprehend, refine, and elevate your documents in Word.

Copilot in PowerPoint: Create stunning presentations, you could transform your Word document into a presentation in one go. 

Copilot in Excel: Works alongside you to analyze and explore data. It helps you understand and visualize data, highlight, filter, sort, and perform data-related tasks efficiently.

Copilot in Outlook: You can ask Copilot to summarize email threads, draft emails and change length and tone of your emails. 

Copilot in Teams: Track your meetings and summarize your key actions, create meeting agenda, and schedule follow-up meetings. 

Copilot in Loop: a powerful co-creations tool that enhances collaboration and creativity within teams. Copilot will act as a coworker and provides intelligent suggestions and helps you stay in sync with your team.  

Copilot for M365 is available for a monthly subscription of $30.00 per user.

Windows Copilot

AI integrated into your operating system. As an Apple user, I am a bit jealous now. This brings so much productivity, from blurring or changing the background of your images to securing passkeys and automatically locking your device. You can ask Copilot anything, play music, organize your windows, create something—the sky is the limit with the built-in Copilot app. No need to search for settings; just ask Copilot, and it will activate them for you.

Windows Copilot is free to use. 

Copilot for Github

An AI programmer right by your side. Coding has never been this easy! Copilot provides suggestions, generates new lines of code, entire functions, and even complex algorithms. Copilot for GitHub or Copilot for Developers, has your back.

Copilot for GitHub is available for a monthly subscription of $10.00 for individuals, $19,- for Business and $39,- for Enterprise.

Copilot for Services

Bring Copilot to your Dynamics and Viva environment and integrate it with 3rd-party apps. Whether you’re in customer support, supply chain management, consulting, or technical assistance, Copilot assists you with relevant solutions, helps you find the right information, automates tasks, analyzes data, and aids in troubleshooting.

Copilot for Services is available for a monthly subscription of $50.00 per user.

Copilot for Services includes Copilot for Microsoft 365. Customers who already have Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses can purchase Copilot for Service for an additional $20 per user per month.

A product license for Microsoft 365 E3 or E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Premium, or Office E3 or E5 is required.

Copilot for Sales

The AI assistant for your sellers connects with M365, Dynamics 365, and 3rd-party sales solutions. It summarizes and responds to your emails, including data from your sales systems and your competitors.

Copilot for Sales is available for a monthly subscription of $50.00 per user.

Copilot for Sales includes Copilot for Microsoft 365. Customers who already have Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses can purchase Copilot for Service for an additional $20 per user per month.

A product license for Microsoft 365 E3 or E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Premium, or Office E3 or E5 is required.

Power Platform added AI functions.

Microsoft brought AI features to the Power Platform, PowerApps and PowerAutomate. To build an app, flow, or bot, makers can describe it using natural language and copilot can build it in seconds.

While there are certain features available, it’s not entirely clear whether everything is “built in.” It wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft introduces a new paid plan later. Here are some of the features:

  • Build apps through conversation.
  • Continue editing your app with Copilot (preview)
  • Add Chatbot control to a canvas app (preview)
  • Add Copilot control to a canvas app (preview)
  • Leverage Azure OpenAI Service in AI Builder (preview)

However, please note that the previews are not yet generally available and are currently limited to the US Region. To use it, your account must have English (US) as the browser language, and you need a Microsoft Dataverse database in your environment.

Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft introduced Copilot for Security, an AI-powered cybersecurity solution that empowers security teams to defend at machine speed using generative AI. This assistive copilot experience supports various scenarios, including incident response, threat hunting, intelligence gathering, and posture management.

There’s currently an invitation-only Early Access Program for Security Copilot.

Microsoft Copilot Studio: Allows users to build their own copilots using a specialized studio environment.

Microsoft Copilot Studio is available for a monthly subscription of $200,- per 25.000 messages, per month.

Microsoft Azure AI Studio: Provides tools for extending and creating custom copilot experiences within the Azure ecosystem.

Azure AI is priced by the different services and could be found in detail in the Azure Calculator. 

Commercial benefit now Copilot is General Available. 

It has become apparent that negotiating Copilot discounts isn’t an easy task, which underscores the importance for Enterprise organizations to seek additional advice and negotiation services from Independent Software experts.

One of the opportunities available today is that Microsoft Copilot has become generally available (GA) and is accessible through the Microsoft CSP contract. In the CSP model, partners purchase licenses at a lower price, creating opportunities for better price points and strengthening negotiation positions with Microsoft.